Къща Роза

гр. Бяла, обл. Варна

Избор на език

Season 2019

from 01.05  to 30.06      - 12.00 lv
from 01.07  to  31.08    - 15.00 lv
from 01.09  to 31. 10    - 12.00 lv

*The payment for a night's lodging is for a bed.



* As wish to vacationer we suggest - price 2 lv at person.

*Lodging for children until the age of 3 is free.

*3 to 12 year-old children use 50% decrease from the price of a bed. For early
*reservations until  31. 04. 2013г -
5% reduction of the price.

*Coffee and Tee are free of charge between 8 - 10 o'clock.

*The capacity of one floor is 10 to 15 beds. The price for hiring a private floor depends on the number of the visitors and is to be discussed.

*Reservations to be made in advance by payment equal to 20% of the total sum of the stay, by bank transfer or post-office order.


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